Keep your backup camera clean

Simply attach to your rear windshield wiper. Fits all Kia Niro 2016–2022​





Stop wiping the lens with your finger

Heading into your car to escape the rain only to have to get back out to clean off your backup camera? Cursing in your car because you can’t see what’s happening when you forget to wipe of your camera? Having to lick your fingers and wiping off the dirt from the linse?

Camwipe literally solves all the above problems at the push off a button.  Turn on your rear windhsiled wiper and the dirt is gone. It’s that easy.

How to install

See that little plastic cover on the rear windshield wiper?

Remove it

Replace with Camwipe

FITS KIA NIRO 2016–2022

CamWipe ensures that your rear view camera stays clean for your backing safety


The CamWipe is super fast to attach on the rear window wiper arm


We guarantee that you will absolutely love the CamWipe or we will give you a full refund, no questions asked

Don't believe it's that easy? See what our customers say.

Ulph Lundgren
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If you own a Kia Niro this is a must have. So simple, so clever, so useful.
Stuart Bradley-meech
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I was recommended the camwipe, on the kia Niro EV forums, I am thoroughly impressed by it, easy to fit, no tools needed, so good it should have been on the car when designed by Kia, I now recommend it to everyone else,
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Much appreciated, a lot of money for a brush, but worth every penny. Works like a charm. Once tried one, you cant be without a Wiper.
Niklas Harenius
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Genius! Such a great product. No more swearing over obstructed vision.
Freddie Jangborn
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The camwipe is a great product! Usually the vision from the camera is clogged with dust, water or snow and you have to use the rearviewmirrors when backning…or go out and wipe off it manually… With camview you always have clear vision when backing the vehicle…Thumbs up from me!
Rune Kristoffersen
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Thank you for this product works awesome. Solved my problem with dirt on rear camera.
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Very good Product. Always clean rear view. But i have lost the campwipe once in the car wash. Can you please design a version with a locking bracket, so that the campwipe cannot be torn off. Greetings from Germany
Joe Ferrari
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I am a tinkerer and 3D printer. When I saw the Cam Wipe on your video I was instantly impressed and jealous that I hadn't thought of it myself.I bought one and installed it. Works great. I'm thoroughly impressed.

"I have one, even my Kia dealer has said it's a brilliant idea!"



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“From a modified toothbrush attached to my rear window wiper, I decided to develop and create the camwipe.
I want the CamWipe to make a great car even better for others, as it did for me.”
Eldar Ibišević, Inventor & Founder


Camwipe has a soft brush ensuring the linse stays clean without scratching.

Camwipe is carwash proof!

We ensure 100 % satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like it you get a full refund, no questions asked!

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